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Meet Juniper
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Juniper sadly can no longer support any of her weight as she's lost muscle tone and head control. She's lost the ability to make her babbling sounds that we used to so enjoy hearing. Her happy song we would call it ❤️ We haven't seen her smile in a very long time apart from the odd one in her sleep. She's non responsive to most stimulation but does seem to react to our touch.

We were given the heartbreaking diagnosis that Juniper has an extremely rare genetic condition called TBCD. She is only one of around 20 children worldwide that have been diagnosed. TBCD was only recently discovered in 2016 so unfortunately being so rare and new, there are no known treatments or cures. This condition heartbreakingly so, is life limiting with Juniper sadly being on the more severe end of the spectrum.

We are unsure of her future or how long we will have with her. We wish it could be forever. No words can describe how broken we feel. She is the most beautiful baby girl we could have ever asked for and is absolutely perfect.


All she has and will ever know is love